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Vast IT Transformation and Sustainability Solutions.

VITTS entails an extensive and comprehensive approach to IT transformation and digitalization. Our commitment to addressing sustainability challenges and integrating eco-friendly practices into your IT solutions.

Our Services

Our focus on sustainability and energy efficiency ensures that we deliver secure, scalable, and seamless solutions while prioritizing the security of your data. With a commitment to excellence, we offer comprehensive data center operations and maintenance services, ensuring that your business experiences a more connected and efficient future. Connect your world with our data center solutions and experience the potential of your enterprise unleashed.

Datacenter Ops and Maintenance

Our professional services include early design involvement, meticulous process setup, and governance, alongside resource recruitment, training programs, and adherence to compliance standards like ISO, SOC, and PCI-DSS for robust data center operations.

MEP & Customer Space Delivery

With a focus on professionalism, our MEP services involve expert design assessors, alignment with customer criteria, and comprehensive IT whitespace fit-out and delivery management, ensuring a seamless handover through sign-off testing and commissioning.

Live Site Auditing & Compliance

Our live site services prioritize auditing operations and engineering compliance, strategic life cycle planning, continuous monitoring, performance reporting, and improvements planning to maintain optimal site functionality and compliance.

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